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Range of studies

IAG · Institute for Applied Health Research

The social mission of HS Gesundheit in Bochum is to make a contribution to improving the health care of the population.

Strengthening research is crucial to the successful implementation of this mission.

For this purpose, the Institute for Applied Health Research was founded in 2016 as a central research facility to consolidate interdisciplinary research topics and to make them more visible to the outside world.

hsg sees itself as part of the regional, national, European and international scientific community.

As such, it seeks to promote cooperation with strategic partners from the scientific community within the framework of the research institute.

Current research focuses are "Health and Technology", "Culture and Health", "Child Development - Diagnostics, Prevention and Intervention from an Interdisciplinary Perspective" and the focus "Midwifery and Reproductive Health".

The common denominator and cross-cutting theme of all priorities is health care research.

In summary, the hsg research institute can make an important contribution to improving the quality of research on the basis of professional exchange, scientific monitoring and internal consultations.


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