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Responsible for the content of the central web pages of the university:

Hochschule für Gesundheit
Gesundheitscampus 6-8
44801 Bochum
Tel.: +49 (0) 234 77727-0
E-Mail: info(at)

Technology/WWW server:
IT der Hochschule für Gesundheit
Gesundheitscampus 6-8
44801 Bochum
Tel.: +49 (0) 234 77727-304
Fax: +49 (0) 234 77727-404
E-Mail: support(at)

Please send reports of improper use by stations from the IP name range "" or "" to the e-mail address support(at)
Likewise, Hochschule für Gesundheit (hsg) kindly asks you to inform us using the same email address if any unlawful content can be accessed through links on hsg pages.

Central address of Hochschule für Gesundheit:

Hochschule für Gesundheit
Gesundheitscampus 6-8
44801 Bochum
Tel.: +49 (0) 234 77727-0
E-Mail: info(at)

Hochschule für Gesundheit is represented by its President Prof. Dr. Christian Timmreck, address as stated above.

Hochschule für Gesundheit is a scientific university and a public corporation supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

It bears the name Hochschule für Gesundheit (hsg).

The operation of hsg is based on the Higher Education Act of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (HG NRW).

The supervisory authority is the Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research (MIWF) in Düsseldorf.

The Hochschule für Gesundheit (hsg) has the tax number:

306/5904/0928 as well as a sales tax ID:


It is the author of the texts, layout and photos on all Internet pages that refer to this imprint - i.e. all documents and files on the central WWW server of hsg with the domain and

The contents are protected by copyright - copying or changing them is only permitted with the author's permission.

This does not apply to copying files to your own computer in order to view the pages with a browser.

They may only be used for personal information.

Without the express written consent of the author, any further use, in particular publication, duplication, any form of commercial use, use as a basis for courses, as well as transfer to third parties - even in part or in revised form - is prohibited.

The copyright for objects published here and created by the author himself remains solely with the author of these pages.

Legal notice:

To the extent permitted by law, Hochschule für Gesundheit (hsg) shall exclude any liability for the content of the websites it publishes.

The same applies to pages referred to by links.

Hochschule für Gesundheit expressly dissociates itself from the contents of the linked pages and does not adopt them as its own.

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