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Testimonials from prior students, post-doctoral scholars and collaborators

Dr Patrick J Owen, PHD

I have had the privilege to collaborate closely with Prof. Belavy since completing my PhD studies in 2018 with a different research group.

When we met, I had: five publications, no success with competitive funding and limited knowledge of how to best approach many aspects of research that were direly required. Now, two and a half years later, I have 35 publications, including those published with Prof. Belavy in leading journals in the field, such as the British Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports Medicine. I have also secured >A$500,000 in competitive research funding, including my current Fellowship. As my mentor, Prof. Belavy has shared his philosophy of science, which stems from three tenets: Balance, Respect and Ownership (BRO). This BRO science approach is what gives me confidence that anyone passionate about research will gain immense benefit from working with and learning from Prof. Belavy.


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