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The Press Office

The press office of hsg Bochum is the first point of contact for media representatives, journalists, bloggers and residents for all questions concerning the university. It answers inquiries and acts as an intermediary for interview partners.

The press office is a staff unit of the President and provides support in communicating important topics of the university to the public and the media. It issues press releases on topics such as university policy, studies and teaching, research and transfer, international affairs, continuing education, personnel matters and hsg events.

Exciting stories from the university are reported in hsg-magazin. The online magazine of hsg Bochum provides news, opinions and reports on topics related to the university and developments in the health-care sector. The hsg-magazine can also be subscribed to as a newsletter.



Dr. Christiane Krüger


Stabsstelle Presse

5. Etage, Raum 5108

Phone +49 234 77727-124
Fax +49 234 77727-224

christiane.kruegerhs-gesundheit "«@&.de

Functional addresses of the press office

Press officepressehs-gesundheit "«@&.de
hsg-magazinhsg.magazinhs-gesundheit "«@&.de


Judith Merkelt-Jedamzik

Online editor

Press Office

5th floor, room 5108

Phone +49 234 777 27-132
Fax +49 234 777 27-232

judith.merkelths-gesundheit "«@&.de

Juliane Wink

Student Assistant

Press Office

5th floor, room 5108

rz-jwinkhs-gesundheit "«@&.de


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