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The library of HS Gesundheit

The library of Hochschule für Gesundheit is a classical university library for academic literature in the context of studies, teaching and research. A special feature of the library is its focus on the fields of health care and health sciences.

Therefore it is also a scientific specialist library. It collects and provides printed and electronic literature relevant to health sciences. The aim of the service is to provide students, teachers and researchers at hsg and their environment with the resources and sources of information needed in the various phases of study, teaching and research in the context of health sciences.

This spectrum includes medical and therapeutic specialist and research literature, as well as sources on the culture, sociology, psychology and pedagogy of health, health care, public health and health economics, medical technology, digital health care, and telemedicine, health and the individual, community health care and the social and spatial environment, health and work, and on social, professional, organisational and scientific key competencies.

The library would like to encourage graduates to continue to make use of scientific sources in their professional and scientific practice even after they have completed their studies at hsg.

The library also supplies partners on the Bochum Gesundheitscampus and is open to cooperative projects with educational institutions or health care institutions.

People from the city and region with an interest in the fields of science and health care may also make use the library's offerings.

Where to find us:

The library is located on the second floor.

It can be quickly reached from the parking lot (Gesundheitscampus North) through the Atrium entrance.

The entrance is barrier-free.

Further information and directions


The library is currently only open to students, employees and lecturers of hsg. We can be contacted by e-mail outside opening hours, and by telephone during opening hours.

For persons who do not belong to the university, neither registration nor borrowing is currently possible. Returns can be made during the current return times (Tues. 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Thu. 2-6 p.m.) at the security office or by mail.


Bib Team

Zentrale Information


GC 6, 2. Etage

Phone +49 234 777 27 155

hochschulbibliothekhs-gesundheit "«@&.de


Annette Kustos

Auf der Bild sieht man Annette Kustos.



GC 6, 2. Etage, Raum 2301

Phone +49 234 77727-150
Fax +49 234 77727-250

annette.kustoshs-gesundheit "«@&.de

Students at HS Gesundheit in Bochum will find further offers and information in the Library Course of the HS Gesundheit Moodle platform.

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