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In addition to a total of six undergraduate bachelor degree programmes, the Hochschule für Gesundheit Bochum (University of Applied Sciences) founded in November 2009 in Bochum also offers an extra-occupational bachelor degree programme and a consecutive masters degree programme in health care. The hsg is the only state university in Germany to offer the five health care professions of occupational therapy, midwifery, speech and language therapy, nursing and physiotherapy as undergraduate bachelor degree programmes. These five degree programmes, as well as the masters degree programme 'Evidence-based Health Care' are offered by the Department of Applied Health Sciences. The Department of Community Health also offers the full-time degree programme 'Health and Diversity Studies', as well as the extra-occupational degree programme 'Community Health Care'.

Special features of the hsg are a modern didactic concept, the close interlocking of theory and practice, early networking with external practice partners and intensive support during the course of studies. As a partner of the Healthcare Campus North Rhine-Westphalia, the hsg opens up extensive perspectives for its students in the growing health care sector. With the conception of masters degree programmes, the hsg also offers its graduates the possibility to further scientifically qualify themselves beyond the bachelor degree.

A programme of study at the hsg is completed by bachelor students of the Department of Applied Health Sciences with the academic degree of "Bachelor of Science" and the state exams in accordance with the valid vocational laws. This dual qualification is something very special at a state university in Germany. All bachelor students of the Department of Applied Health Sciences attend both interdisciplinary and specialist events in their respective degree programme in all semesters. In this way the hsg prepares its students for the rapidly changing and increasingly flexible work and performance requirements in the health care system. In future, the joint action of various professional groups will be an important prerequisite for the optimal care of the population. This inter-professional competence of the individual health care professions is acquired at the hsg in the cooperation of the five degree programmes.

The students of the Department of Community Health are engaged in themes of health and the possible limitation of the access of individuals and groups to health care services ('Health and Diversity‘) or the designing of spaces and environments, so-called accommodations, for older or sick people, or people with disabilities, and this always from a health perspective ('Community Health Care'). The special feature of the extra-occupational degree programme 'Community Health Care' lies in the possibility for the continued training of those already working in health care professions. Both degree programmes of the Department of Community Health conclude with the academic degree of "Bachelor of Arts", and thus offer the possibility to subsequently acquire further scientific qualification in the context of a masters degree programme.

In the summer of 2015, the University moved to its new building on the 48,500 m2 grounds of the Healthcare Campus North Rhine-Westphalia in Bochum. The foundation stone of the new building, in which 1,300 students of the hsg can be accommodated, was laid at the end of September 2012.

The Healthcare Campus Bochum agency, formerly medlands.RUHR, has visualised the developments in the BioMedizinPark Bochum and at the Healthcare Campus North Rhine-Westphalia in a 3D animation film.

You can find the video here.

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