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Range of studies

Department of Nursing Sciences

The close integration of theory and practice by instructors with many years of practical and research experience enables the direct integration of the latest findings of nursing research, gerontology and medicine into professional practical training.

In doing so, the teaching staff combines the contents of theoretical teaching in lectures and seminars with that of practical training and work in health care facilities (e.g. hospitals, facilities for the elderly, specialized clinics and social services) - firstly by closely interconnecting the university with its cooperation partners - and secondly by intense practical work in the so-called "skills labs".

By combining the study courses of nursing, midwifery, occupational and physiotherapy as well as speech and language therapy at one location, students learn to work together interprofessionally right from the very start.

In joint seminars as well as in concrete projects at the nursing facilities, students learn at a very early stage to involve different professional groups when planning the nursing process.


What is a "Skills Lab"?

Skills labs are simulated nursing areas in which a wide range of everyday nursing situations can be simulated and practised in a stress-free environment using modern patient simulators.

The theoretical content from teaching can be directly transferred here to concrete interaction with patients or residents – even more abstract theories can be made concrete, verifiable and implementable.

It is precisely this interaction that has always given the nursing profession its appeal.

Degree programmes at DPW


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